Dogs and Bikes. Friday,December 12, 2008

Anyone who rides eventually has to deal with unleashed dogs. I don’t really care why dogs chase bikes when a snarling mongrel farm dog is closing fast and I’m not the least prepared. It usually happens at the most inconvenient time. Either you’re coasting along eating a sandwich or dragging your ass up a hill. I have learned a few things about dogs in my years of riding. First, they have explosive speed, but fade fast. Second, it you do something unexpected, they will usually stop their attack. I never went for stuff like mace, clubs, or ammonia in a water bottle. I found out quite by accident that the most effective deterrent to a chasing dog is to drench their face with water just as they have come within range. I have never had a dog continue to chase after that. However, it takes a bit of nerve to wait until the dog is that close, but it really works. How about sharing your best and worst stories of dog encounters in this blog?



4 Responses to “Dogs and Bikes. Friday,December 12, 2008”

  1. Hey Eric,

    Thanks for the harrowing story. Great thing about helmets: they are life savers! I have one specialized helmet split in half to prove it. My own dog encounter happened when a big German Shepard, got away from it’s owner and ran right in front of me. I hit the dog in the middle doing 20mph. As I was launched into the air, I instinctively tucked and hoped for the best. I landed right side up conscious, but my right arm was limp and my shoulder was in pain. Lucky for me it wasn’t worse.


  2. Eric Pardue Says:

    Hello Ed

    My worst encounter with a dog happened on October 9, 2008 while I was training for charity ride that was coming up on October 25. I was clicking along at about 25-30 mph when a dog ran right out in front of me and I hit it square in the side. After my bike hit the dog, I went over the bars and smacked the pavement, first with my right hip then with the right, back of my head, breaking my helmet in five places and buckling it in two places.
    Thank god for helmets! Had I not been wearing it, I might not be sitting here typing this now. To give you some idea of how hard the back of my head hit the pavement, the lenses of my cycling glasses popped out and landed about twenty feet down the road from me. Now on to my right hip. Even before I came to a complete stop on the pavement, I was already in severe pain in my right hip. So here I am laying on my back in the road, my right hip killing me and the first thought out of my mind is “is my bike ok?” Actually, just as I was hitting the dog, I was thinking “crap, my bike is going to get trashed” So I lay there for a moment or two easily moving my left leg, arms, fingers and head checking for any other injury other than the obvious. After not finding any other noticable injuries, I rolled over onto my stomach, layed there for a moment and decided to try and get up. That was a mistake because as soon as I tried to to pull my right leg under me to get up, my hip was having nothing of that—it would not move and it felt like everything in there was out of place. So I dug my cell phone out of my jersey pocket and called 911. The ambulance arrives, loads me up and I am off to the hospital. Luckily x-rays revealed no breaks or fractures in my right hip just severely and deeply bruised, but boy was it painful and it sure felt like something was broken. Also, my bike did not sustain any damage and the dog, well he stood in the road where I hit him and barked at me the whole time I was laying there. I am very fortunate that this crash was not much, much worse.


  3. Great topic Ed…

    In fact, gonna post it in the CLUB this week. I’ve had many harrowing dog experiences. A friend of mine actually t-boned a chasing dog while descending at about 40mph… got his front wheel over the dog, came to a stop (somehow), put his feet down and started yelling at the startled New Mexico (read: probably mistreated) animal for endangering them both. It was an amazing site. The same friend of mine took the brunt of a swooping red tail hawk right into his front wheel on another descent, just after I yelled at it so it didn’t hit me… but that’s a whole different story…

    Happy holidays,

  4. David Tuttle Says:

    Back in the days of University we had a dog for initiation into the cycling team, and we nicknamed him Cujo… He was big, fast and not afraid of anything, but he would wear out fast… I have riding buddy now who is deathly afraid of dogs and horses (he spooked a horse on a ride once). I’m with Ed, I ride into them, and talk to them… I’ve got a pack of dogs in my house. BTW, love the Utube clip.

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